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09-12-2013, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post

Personally, I didn't mean just look nicer, though I did mean that in part, I meant be a more pleasant experience all around, including being more functional as you've said. As for looks, this is New York City, some of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in the world are here. The other train station in town is a work of art, and Penn used to be also. Ideally, Penn should look nice. It should welcome people to New York in a way that everyone can be proud of and excited about. It doesn't "need" to do that, but Grand Central doesn't "need" to be a work of art, either. Many beautiful buildings, or hell, things in general, don't need to be nice, but them being that way ends up having huge effects on people's lives and thoughts and interactions.
I absolutely understand where you're coming from--I travel through Grand Central regularly and never get tired of going through that beautiful building, especially since they took the paint off the windows. And creating nicer space at Penn is the main reason why they ultimately want to use the Post Office building as the main terminal. But, over all the main reason to move MSG is to be able to handle not only all the people who travel through there today (which is nearly 3X the numbers planned for back in the mid 1960s), but also so the numbers can increase over the next 50 years. As a major world-class City we have to plan for the future.

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