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Well what if Kane. ..reportedly in the best shape of his interested and driven the entire year..and what if that tranlates to another Cup this season...and what if he finally proves he has the talent to get 100 plus points...dragging our top line to the best in the nhl with Toews and Bickell combining for 80 goals and the line for over 120 goals..what THEN is Kane's bargaining position? MAYBE this output surpasseshim over Crosby in the minds of the pundits and so IF Kane reaches such a pinnacle to his talent THEN what if the mere $9 million per for each of T and K that I was predicting on 8 yr terms will NOT be close to what his beloved hometown Sabres would ante up to get him as a UFA...what if they WOULD then be willing to go to a MAX contract...making him a $16 million per yr for 8 yrs on an $80 million cap by then deal? You can understand why Kane would not foreclose such opportunity off by guarantying Chicago fans he will remain in Chicago..only an idiot would deny himself such opportunity..So of course Rocky will not spend 20% of his cap on any one player even if such player motovates himself to become the top player in hockey...Rocky will not pay any player even 10 MILLION DOLLARS PER because that would be leaving Crosby in the dust...way behind in pay..But maybe The Sabres would pay big to bag their homeboy and trumpet him as the best hockey player in the wprld..So if Kane wants that much moolah he must elevate his production to heights Blackhawks fans never imagined he could produce...we at least get 2 years of super star greatness from him before Rocky Stan and McD say thanks and good luck..But in that scenario Kane flies the coup and we get nada bacl for hom...better If he elevates this yr to such best in the leagie status, to trade him next summer IF he refuses a reasonable twin 9million each offer for 8 yrs to match the offer we must first see IF greed motivates him to prove he is the pinnacle of elite nhl superstars or if he just plateaus at his very good but not quite the superstar that the pundits usual cabdidates..Crosby Malkin Stamkos seem to be acknowledged as..not quite in that such plateau case of his usual mere 82-88 pts..he Still will get a hefty raise to 9million by our generous Blaclhawks and so will probably stay on here..but IF greed motivates him to finally realize he can at least join if not surpass all the top superstars..if he goes from the tier just below the very best to join them at the top mayching or way surpassing their production and helping us winanother Cup..THEN his bargaining position goes through the roofand the Hawks will not be able to satisfy him wiyhout jeopardizing the team to fit their even max cap budget So while I hope greed takes him to that pinnacle this season..ironically that could spur Stan to trade him next summer before we lose him and get nada for do not think he willgive us a huge hometown doscount to jettison $4-7 million More per yr for 8 yrs than even giving hom 3 million more than currently for thay term from us would entice him to stau here.? You see IF he is serious and motivated and healthy then with his talent operating every shift instead ofjust a few shifts a game then that is enough, well he actually might get to that status as the besthockey player in the world..I am skeptical because once lazy it is hard to believe motivate him he won't fall back to bad habits such that one point a night or slightly more is enough work for his talent that night on average or slightly above that...not really superstar multipoints enough...but maybe greed will motivate him to get to that next level at the very top...if so...wellenjoy the rest of his tome in Chicago...Stan willnever destroy his whole team cap just for one guy..Kane thinks he might be capable of such elevation..and $12million to even max contract per yr is possible..but even he knows the Hawks willnot pay that mucj tp one guy let alone two as the.matketing poster twins for Chicago appeared as "forevers" per Bowmans idiotic statement...Ironically if Kane ACHIEVES his max talent level by working harder more often THEN he is cementing his ticket out of Chicago...Kane is smart enough to realize this..which is why he put the hokd your horses on Stan's FOREVER dreams.Stan ought to have known better..instead he sets himself up as a laughinstock should Kane actually produce to his greed level.

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