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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Moncton has always been on the radar as well. Thing with Moncton is because of its geography it actually has more of a potential regional draw than Halifax.

Halifax is the more exciting choice, and I prefer the city. But most people prefer Saskatoon over Regina as well.

The CFL has been high on Moncton for years and that should be the next move. I should mention that Halifax also has the competing distraction of several collegiate clubs in diferent sports and some sporting competition that would not be pronounced in the Moncton region.

Think about the bolded. Thats also a risk. Does longterm affiliation and support automatically shift? Like I say the College ball could be competition instead. Especially in that it represents more affordable product in a region that doesn't have the raging economy and disposable income of Alberta.
i get what you are saying about the college teams being potential competition, but i think it really comes down to numbers

halifax has about 400,000 in its regional municipality ... moncton has 138k... even if you include fredericton (105k) and saint john (127k), the number still falls 30k short of what exists in halifax alone... sure you could argue that a bunch of halifax people will make the 2.5 hour drive to moncton to see the games, but i certainly wouldn't want to depend on that... i would much rather have the 400k in halifax, and hope the people from moncton are the ones making the drive

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