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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
i get what you are saying about the college teams being potential competition, but i think it really comes down to numbers

halifax has about 400,000 in its regional municipality ... moncton has 138k... even if you include fredericton (105k) and saint john (127k),
You also need to include PEI. both Summerside, and Charlottetown are a short drive thanks to the confederation bridge. Plus that everybody in PEI is usually looking for something to do.

All of Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Stones, etc etc have played huge concerts in Moncton knowing well that there is a huge draw in that region and people with some disposable cash for entertainment. Surprisingly some of the biggest outdoor concerts in NA over the last dozen years have taken place in Moncton. So they can easily handle huge attendance for outdoor shows, or 20K ish for Football.

What makes Moncton area a better big ticket entertainment area than Halifax is the same as what makes Edmonton much better than Calgary. In Halifax and Calgary you have several distractions both entertainment and regional and a lot of people that have lots to do exploring beautiful Nova Scotia, the coast etc. Whereby in Calgary you have of course Kananaskis and Banff.

Sometimes the sleepier locations make much better sporting or entertainment ticket draws. This being the "Cleveland Rocks" type thinking. In the concert industry for instance its rarely lost on them which hard scrabble places make the most reliable stops on any tour. Edmonton being one of those. Moncton area is that kind of audience.

the number still falls 30k short of what exists in halifax alone... sure you could argue that a bunch of halifax people will make the 2.5 hour drive to moncton to see the games, but i certainly wouldn't want to depend on that... i would much rather have the 400k in halifax, and hope the people from moncton are the ones making the drive
Could happen as well. Don't get me wrong, either location can work, and I used to default to the Halifax location automatically just like you did until people set me straight and pointed out the big entertainment draw the Moncton area is. Its a strange thing, but worth pointing out.

This backs up what I'm saying as well.

tbh, attendance wise Moncton is probably less of an issue than Toronto or Ottawa will be. The multiple CFL games that have occurred in Moncton stadium have already been well recieved with all topping 20K. With pretty sound ticket pricing as well. Thats a decent gate and twice as much as Hamilton is getting. The stadium is decked out now at over 20K and expandable to 25 for CFL. Frankly the Stadium is much more used than Commonwealth and with several events that have, or are taking place. Moncton, like Edmonton, is also one of the hosts for the FiFA 2015 womens WC.

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