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Originally Posted by catmanhabsfan View Post
how would they know what there ratings would be, seeing as they never actually show any games? Im quite sure throughout all of canada, there are at the very least, close to as many habs fans as leaf fans. im sorry, but the idea their ratings would suffer significantly is ridiculous, considering they havent shown regular habs games since at least the mid 90's. i personally have rds as well, seeing as i live in montreal, but i wish others in canada, at the very least had a viable option to watch habs games at least once in a while. I mean on a saturday, when were playing a canadian team, at the very least, that should be more intriguing than a toronto atlanta game or something like that.
Let's consider this carefully.

Would you say the Toronto Maple Leafs market is larger or smaller than Montreal's?

Okay, let's make this simpler: let's ignore the fact that Toronto is a much larger city than Montreal. Let's assume, for the sake of simplicity, that Toronto and Montreal have the same population watching the games, even though we should all know Toronto, with a far larger market, has a larger fanbase.

Let's say 1.5 million people tune in to watch the Leafs.

Let's also say 1.5 million people tune in to watch the Habs.

Let's say CBC is debating whether to televise the Leafs or the Habs and they want to determine which audience will be larger, but given the fact that both fanbases consistently have 1.5 million people tuning in, they need to dig a little deeper. Two factors wind up swaying the CBC executives' minds:

(1) - Whattyaknow! RDS also has rights to all Montreal games! So of those 1.5 million viewers, some percentage of them will watch it on RDS! Instantly, this means Toronto is the more attractive market to capture, because CBC will have exclusive rights to the game, whereas they would not with a Montreal game.

(2) - Ohh! And the vast majority of the Montreal fanbase are french-speakers, which is coincidentally the language of RDS! Meaning we can safely assume that a majority of those french-speakers will be watching the game in their native tongue on their familiar television station.

Originally Posted by catmanhabsfan View Post
m sorry, but the idea their ratings would suffer significantly is ridiculous
I see your point now. It is ridiculous. Because, well, it just is!

It's not impossible to know that Toronto has a larger captive market, and that CBC has competition in Montreal. CBC also knows HNIC has lost popularity in Montreal. They may know they have themselves to blame, but that doesn't matter: Montreal is not a good market for them. They have too much competition. It's simple logic.

By the way, even if we ignore the fact that CBC can use some simple logic to know their ratings are best in Toronto, they can also look to TSN's ratings of Habs games and Leafs games. Toronto attracted more viewers there too. Again, no surprise: the familiarity and language is in favour of RDS over TSN. It's not close to a fair fight.

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