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Bye Marky :(
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Originally Posted by MapleLeafistan View Post
That flag beside "country" in your profile is all I needed to see for me to understand your "hate Toronto" syndrome. Get a life. You lost the Expos at least go show support for the Jays so MLB has see's that Montreal deserves a MLB team.

But as have your "hate Toronto" syndrome so strong, you're not even willing to see beyond that. Shows your narrow minded mentality.
Toronto's not our city. Why would we cheer for their teams? Because we're in the same country? It's sports and it's a city-based rivalry so yeah, I won't cheer for a Toronto team. **** the Jays, TFC, the Leafs, the Argos, the Raps, the Rock, etc. And it would be the same for Quebec City or other cities.

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