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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Crosby, Alfredsson, Mike Richards, Duchene

Are all small right? Right? They are all same height and up to 10-15 pounds heavier, that's all. He is 185 btw.
Well they could be classified as being small if being compared to the average height/weight on an NHL player. The equation seems pretty straight forward here If player x is shorter/lighter than the average height/weight on an NHL player then player x is small. If player y is taller or heavier than the average height/weight of an NHL player then player y is big. This allows for the ability to analyze how big or how small a player is simply by determining the level of disparity between their height and weight and that of an average NHL player.

With that said, it says nothing about a players respective skill level. As the players you listed indicate, many of the elite players of the game can be classified as being smaller than the average NHL player. But then again, with the players you listed, there is a relatively minor variance between their height and weight and that of an average NHL player. It appears that utilizing a single point average to determine whether a player is small or not may be misleading. A superior option could be to utilize a range of heights and weights that we could determine as the average range of sizes for NHL players and then base our size analysis off of that. A crude estimate for size ranges could be between 5'11 and 6'1 in height and between 190 and 200 lbs in weight. Based on those ranges, the players you listed (for the most part) would no longer be classified as being "small" but rather within the normal range.

Therefore a player listed at 5'11 and 180 lbs would be at the bottom of the average range in height and 10 lbs lighter than the lightest weight of the average weight range. Therefore, if we use the above criteria, this player would be borderline small.

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