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11-19-2006, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by takip View Post
First of all, let me say that I have been a long time lurker (as creepy as that is), obviously only posting a few times. My father moved from Greece to Montreal to BC (where I was born and raised), so naturally he is a huge Canadiens fan. My dad tells me stories about how every Saturday, the two of us would watch Habs games together since I was an infant. Twenty two years later, we still keep the tradition up (although it's over the phone, as we live in two different cities). Being from BC, I basically have to depend on TSN, CBC and Sportsnet Pacific (they usually televise the only Habs/Canucks game of the season). This season, I tune into CBC every Saturday afternoon in the hopes that they will be showing the Montreal game. Of course, it seems the only time a Habs game is televised for a national audience on CBC is when they play the Maple Leafs. At the beginning of the month, I just assumed that CBC had planned to have a few months televising nothing but Toronto games, then maybe a few months of Ottawa games and then a few months of Habs games. Afterall, this is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and they support all Canadian teams.....right?

How could I have been so ignorant?

I know that the CBC has been quite biased to the Maple Leafs in previous years, but does anyone else think it's starting to get worse and worse? I mean the only nation wide Habs/Sens game this year is on Hockey Day In Canada (according to the schedule on Needless to say, I am incredibly fed up with the lack of coverage. At least in previous years I could depend on watching games on SRC despite the fact that I can barely speak any French. I know I can go out and buy a digital cable box and get RDS but as a university student, I don't have all the money in the world to throw around. I find myself constantly refreshing the GDT to see what your reactions are to the game while listening to the radio cast on (which I can't stand because I would obviously like to see what is actually happening in the game).

To make matters worse, I live in Northern BC where most of the population either consists of ignorant Leaf fans or naive Canuck fans. I recall an argument with a Vancouver fan at work before the Sidney Crosby sweepstakes, in which the Vancouver fan stated that Crosby would end up with Vancouver because he grew up as a Canucks fan. There was another argument when I was told that Todd Bertuzzi had better stats then Richard Zednik in the 01-02 playoffs. After linking him to stats, he still went against all logic and tried to tell me that Bertuzzi did better... despite the fact that Bertuzzi had two goals and two assists in six games, while Zednik had four goals and four assists in four games. Apparently being a Canucks fan also means one has to administer severe brain damage to oneself.

I know that I am just generalizing and that all Canuck fans aren't rambling morons. My reason behind this post is that all of you in Eastern Canada should be thankful, as Habs fans. At least you guys get coverage and don't have to put up with the amount of ignorance as others in this country have to. You have to wonder how long it will be until CBC changes the name of HNIC to Hockey Night in Toronto and when Hockey Day In Canada will consists of splitting the Maple Leafs into two teams while they play three consecutive games against one another, followed by seven hours of covereage about how great the Maple Leafs are while Don Cherry defacates on the Quebec flag.

Don't get me wrong though, I love BC. Maybe one day I'll learn the language properly and move to Montreal for a while. Until then, I guess I'll have to bite my lip and just deal with depending on highlight shows for my Habs coverage.

Go Habs Go.

Well, its a huge bummer that SRCdoesn't broadcast habs games on saturday anymore... so I went out and got RDS this season

As for the CBC.... believe it or not, they have made strides to incorporate other canadian teams into the schedule. Its still not like it used to be but its getting better. Last season, Toronto was the only option but this season, they are at least giving more regional coverage of other teams. Now, unfortunately, that doesn't help you in BC.

That's what drives me nuts about the CBC though.... a public broadcaster with a private mentality is digusting.

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