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01-14-2004, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Mother Tucker
Check that he would have received 5 games. And Roenick has credibility? No he plays for the favoured flyers. Didn't he high stick his good buddy Amonte? Tuck has never done that. He just likes to charge opposing benches. If JR did that he would be a hero without suspension.
Well obviously, you aren't a homer so I don't need to explain any of it to you, but for one the league does bring reputation into acount when they decide suspensions. Whether that is right or wrong is debateable. I don't understand, however, how you can compare two completely different situations and somehow insinuate that Tucker got a raw deal while Roenick get's off easy. How highsticking Amonte have any bearing here? Tucker has been known to be a loose cannon, and unlike most Flyer's fans I like him, but that kind of stuff will get you suspended. Charging the other team's bench instead of just waiting till that player is on the ice to fight him is a dumb move, and anything involving coming off a bench or onto one and fights=lenghthy suspension.

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