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11-19-2006, 02:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Roen View Post
Just Came back from the game !!! got a cool little '' Banner '' and a friggin huge folder with Serge Savard's History written on it !

We were seated in the T116 section but saw seats behind the Habs bench not taken, so sneaked in there between the periods !

Great Game !!! GREAT friggin game, but lemme tell u this ... I feel bad for Kostitsyn ... the guy puts in one heckuva hussle ... Kovy is extremely confusing to play with ...

What I noticed :

1 - Funny thing after the '' Ceremony '' they roll up the carpets and take them out in a trollie, J.P Vigier is skating backwards and SLAMS into the trollie !!

2 - I was behind the Habs Bench, it was hilarious at some point Plekanec and Kovalev got into a spat , Plekanec told him '' You can't play hockey if you don't move your feet '', Kovalev told him WAHHHHH ???? ( I dunno if he heard him ) Carbo looked at Kovy and just said : Move your feet ...
3 - Souray talks in slow motion, a bit like Jason Spezza, it's like the words are on a roller coaster ! total opposite of Koivu who speaks really fast, couldn't get a word of what he was saying ...

4 - Bonk kept talking to Johnson and it seemed like everything they were doing was '' planned '' or something they had worked on on the bench, but basically what I understood from seeing the game pan out was : Do something really complicated in your own zone to confuse the Thrashers, then give the puck to '' the kid '' and let him figure things out ... It seemed to work, Bonk and Johnson were murdering the Thrashers Defensively and then once the Defensemen wanted to '' implicate themselves '' they'd pass it to Zhogy and he'd just take off ...

4 - Kirk Muller kept saying WAAAH ???? everythime the ref came over, and I think that at some point the Ref wearing number 8 was getting pissed off ...

5 - Kovaluchuk has a really small head.

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