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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Well, Bowman is much better than Koch and it isn't even close.

Bowman is an impact reciever that can looked at on nearly every down in a checkdown. He's a reliable reciever that can be hit quick and will win balls that are 50-50 and in tight coverage. Koch makes some fancy catches but half the reason he has to so often is he's not a great route runner, doesn't get space, and doesn't get open.

This not even mentioning that with Bowman, after he breaks a long yac rumble, will make teams spy him with a couple guys because your average DB isn't bringing him down or covering him all by his lonesome.

With a 1,2 of Stamps, Bowman we're in the best position at Receiver since when Bowman went down with injury. With two premium recievers we can now more afford to have dimwits like Coehoorn and Carter on the field. A QB needs go to guys that can move the chains. AT least we have a couple. Henry has been good lately, Chambers as well.
he's a heck of a player. I thought he did well last game if you consider his long layoff.

Bowman also does something we rerely see from an Eskimo receiver.
when the ball goes elsewhere he doesn't stop moving but will stay with the play as a blocker.

Watching him play will be something to focus on tomorrow.

anyone know where a guy can get brown paper bags nowadays?

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