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09-14-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
It seems as though this is the place to put this...
In every thread about Small Players, people are always drawn to the Martin St.Louis comparison.

"If St.Louis can succeed, why can't (insert name of small hockey player here) be as good/ also succeed/ be an All Star"

If you want to know why St.Louis is so damned good, and has had such a great career (and especially how well he's played as he gets into his later 30's), I give you this: a picture of Martin St.Louis's legs:

(courtesy of The Sporting News)

... so I'm not saying anyone in this thread is saying that any of our small guys (Pageau, Conacher, DaCosta) can be as good as St.Louis, because it hasn't been a topic here yet, but people forget just how hard Martin St.Louis has worked to be where he is, and sometimes I don't think people realize what he has done in order to become the player that he is now. That's the difference between "Martin St.Louis: Calgary Flames Prospect Who Couldn't Make The Team Full-Time", and "Martin St.Louis: Hart Winner".

For significantly smaller players, often it's not "size + skill"... it's Size + RIDICULOUS WORK ETHIC + skill.
Holy **** those legs are ridiculous. Wow.

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