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Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
Let's not get carried away here. As much as you think most of us Habs fans know basically nothing of other teams' players, I don't think we'd lump Galchenyuk with, oh I dunno, Grigorenko as a Russian player. And to be fair and objective, RNH has been injured rather frequently in his short NHL career thus far - one can't spin it any other way.

And finally, I really don't see many people on this thread heaping praises on Galchenyuk over RNH at all. In fact, most answers are very concise and clear: RNH beats Galchenyuk in all aspects except for 'intensity' and 'professional commitment'. This reaction of yours seems to be almost exclusively due to the fact that the thread exists, and that the topic was even raised. I confess I do not see why the notion is so unfathomably ridiculous. You'd think the comparison was being made between Galchenyuk and Stamkos/Tavares/Giroux, and not some sophomore (as of last season) NHL player.
The consensus between NHL scouts/GM's is most assuredly that RNH is the more talented of the two players. That being said, I have already stated that I would take Galchenyuk solely on the fact that Hopkins may very well have a chronic shoulder problem.

My problem with this thread is the number of people that think RNH is a perimeter player and he is soft and/or he has a weak shot or that he doesn't train hard enough. Every one of these statements is completely false and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge with respect to RNH.

And if you don't believe that there are posters here who would take aim at Galchenyuk's Russian roots and previous injuries if he was a player on another team being compared to a top Hab prospect......then you haven't been paying attention around here long enough.

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