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11-19-2006, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Mikhail Grabovsky View Post
and you will get a 3rd or 4th line center..not so good huh ?

nobody's interested in Samsonov. he is so far from the player i remember watching play in Boston, and how he used to dominate the Habs when they played against each other.
Well, there are always a select few cases of teams really trying to dump off their own problems, and while in general I do agree that Samsonov would be difficult to move, I don't know if it would be absolutely impossible. It's true you'd end up with a riskier proposition coming back, of course. But strange things happen sometimes. We could have had Petr Nedved on waivers... risky, but he's basically 2nd line center or bust. Lang doesn't seem to be producing in Detroit and they keep saying that they need a winger and need to move a center... the aging and expensive Lang would seem to be a good dump there. Risky, but again, 2nd line center or bust. There will be rent-a-players coming up at the deadline. Would Forsberg be one? Who else? Is Craig Conroy a 2nd line center? I think there are likely to be a number of choices who aren't pure grinders, but for sure they will all carry a certain amount of risk, and it's also true that Samsonov would not be an acceptable fit for every team involved (e.g. a "no" for Philly, but maybe a "yes" for Detroit).

There is some suggestion that Scott Gomez will be moved before the deadline too... NJ is doing well enough without him and might not be willing to re-sign him in the summer, given how well Zajac and Parise are coming on. Comrie in PHX, Morrison in Vancouver, York on the Isles, these are a few other names which seem to be bandied about as being players their respective teams might be looking to move. No idea how true it is or what the teams are looking for, but somewhere in it all, I think there could be a match, if we really wanted to do it.

Of course, our team is performing quite well now, and I don't think Gainey is going to make a move as long as that continues, so it might be a moot point. The internal options seem entirely fine so far, whether it be Kovalev or ultimately Higgins or Johnson, etc.

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