Thread: Great Britain: Hockey in Britain part 3
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09-14-2013, 01:45 PM
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It doesn't really take a genuis to work out why women's hockey in NA is much bigger than anywhere else.

Womens hockey/sports have a cap. Most sports are fan/gate driven. Majority of objective sports fans (i.e with no political, psuedo or personal relationship/agenda) watch sport for entertainment. I have absolutely no interest in female football. Much as i have absolutely no interest in disability sport. It's great they have an outlet, but past that why should i care? The rhetoric that they are courageous, dedicated people may be true .... the majority of elite level able body athletes have dedicated their entire lives to their profession too. I don't see that rhetoric being propagated in the media alas.

It's a limited insight with little relevance to much, but teaching 14-17 kids from around the world, you truely realise how little pennetration hockey has, even within natioms that are established powers at the sport.

For smaller hockey nations i think coaching, clear working infrastructures and understanding how elite talents are developed far outweighs sheer numbers, rinks, media coverage and general public popularity. For elite nations these factors are imperative on top of the existing foundations. I wouldn't say they are meaningless or obsolete for smaller nations, but they are far less important.

GB can reach a competitive and respectable level if it is run by intelligent, proactive, agenda-less people within a visible structure. The potential for most doesn't particularly exist IMO, but much can still be done.

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