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09-14-2013, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
Arsenal gifted 3 points
Finally got to see what happened, and

1st off, Sunderland never should've been in the game, Walcott failed to put them away twice in the 1st.

Play was ruled dead a good 3-4 seconds before the ball was in the net. Atkinson started to blow it dead before Jozy got free. If you have it DVRed, you can see right at 70:00 that he's starting to go the whistle while they're still tangled up. Intent to blow, just like hockey. He can't assume he's gonna get lose, he was being held for 3 whole seconds. How long can you wait on an advantage to see if it ever happens? It's also a push by can't score off your own foul. So you give the 1 foul from the beginning. Not saying it was a great decision, but I think it's far from the awful one people are making it out to be.

Even if it is a goal, you're telling me there is zero way they score again with 20 to play if it's level at that point? GMAFB

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