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09-14-2013, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Its actually kind of funny in acquiring Kristo. Its a McDonagh situation all over again.

McDonagh just did not want to play for the Canadiens organization. He wanted out and Montreal of course obliged in getting what they can for the guy, but because he had little to no experience in the NHL and has shown he wanted out, it was an easy thing to do for the Rangers.

Kristo is a bit different. A very well talented forward but had some immature issues on the side. Nothing to serious though. He was caught drinking as a minor. I mean, he was a college freshman and drinking is the least of things college students or college athletes do. Its dumb to be caught though... But it happens. He was then caught hosting a senior team party serving drinks to minors... YEA... once again its college lol. It happens allllllll the time. Marc Cuban had the same thing happened to him in college and look how he turned out lol.

It happens. Its dumb of him to get caught but it happens to alot of people and its not a big deal. I am confident he will learn from it though. For starters, he is now graduated and is looking for a job as a hockey player so I am sure he will buckle down a bit more.

Even with all those complications, many people have said nothing but great things about his work ethic and his leadership on and off the ice. Analysts, scouts, teammates, opponents have all said he was a good player with many intangibles.

Montreal was probably sick of him though. They tried to sign him last year to a contract but he opted to finish out his career in college and wanted to win a Championship. Admirable. Montreal, with this rejection and his off-the ice issues wanted a change of pace.

They saw a chance to trade him for a younger player. Basically a do-over. They now have a younger, more offensive and creative forward. But its a gamble.

The Rangers, already have enough gambles and were saw a chance to obtain one of the best young American
I think it was a great move and he has a solid chance for the roster this year
Yeah, yeah all this. Bottom line is that comparing "good kid attributes ", nobody is coming close to Thomas, problem is that he's a one trick pony and has to be inserted into a lineup with care. I believe Kristo is more well rounded and can play anywhere regardless of linemates. Thats the difference. As far as his "character", id be worried if he didnt serve minors. Who hasnt? Lack of judgement was getting caught. Sounds like the wrong message but he didnt rat on his friends and seemed to take the consequences like a man. Thats all i need to know.

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