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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Strikeouts are coming now for him. Is that because he's simply locating his pitches better, or getting a feel for changing speeds?
Whatever it is he's fooling the batters more. He's getting swings and misses, when he wasn't before. It was frustrating early on that he'd get to an 0-2 count and throw a pitch that just missed the corner for a strike three and the batters wouldn't even take the bat off their they're swinging and missing on those counts.

He's throwing a lot more breaking stuff than he was earlier, and it is getting better. When you have two good off-speed pitches and a 100 MPH fastball things will eventually work out. He's still pitching for the hit more than the strikeout, but when he needs a strikeout he's getting them now.

I think he's learning to channel his competitive nature, too...he's the most animated pitcher I've seen pitch for the Pirates since Josias Manzanillo and very similar to the pitcher he's long been compared to - Roger Clemens - in that sense. Before when you'd see him animated on the mound it typically was a bad thing, now the more animation you see from him the better he's pitching. Having an A.J. Burnett on the roster definitely helps with things like that.

It'll be interesting to see what the Pirates do with him the rest of the way...Huntington is way too aware of what happened to the Nats last year and the Pirates don't have a better alternative for the 4th rotation spot in the playoffs with Wandy Rodriguez being shut down today...I think he'll be ridden out, they'll just be quick to yank him with any struggles.

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