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Here's more Drawbackachu logic

Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
All of these young, teenybopper posters on here need to make a quantitative analysis like equation out of a player's stats in deciphering just how good they think they are when in reality, all you need is some good old fashioned common sense(which isn't always so common) to understand what a player is, what he is capable of doing and what his upside is.
There is a very good reason why most of a players are "no shows" in the playoffs most of the time. It has to do with tighter checking, more physical play and less room to skate and manuever. The munchkins which make up most of our roster just can't get it done when time and space is at a premium!

You dismiss what everyone is saying by making another facetious remark about our proper use and interpretation of numbers and stats by mocking it instead of coming up with a logical counterpoint. Then you undermine all that's being said against you by belittling posters and claiming that common sense is sufficient in figuring out who the better players is. Then you proceed to try and make a point using the very statistics that you discredited yourself by saying that our use of stats is not ideal. So our use of numbers and stats is invalid and yours is valid and our common sense and interpretation is baseless but your's isn't?

Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Btw, here is Couture's playoff #'s:

49 games. 33 points


37 games. 14 points

Get the picture?
Then you dismiss everything I said (because you don't have a valid response for) and start off by saying "btw". You're not even trying to comprehend what's being said anymore.

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