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09-15-2013, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
When I train for a sport, I want to give it my all. Every day, in and out, trying to manage every part of my life. Sounds groomy, but honestly I love it. Thats basically my lifestyle even not for a specified sport.

Just because hes doing 3x of skating a week, doesnt mean he has no time to work out. His workouts should be practice to make him ready for game day. Its like studying for a test. You want to be overprepared, ready for anything and looking at everything possible so you have no regrets. You basically got to work out like an animal. On and off the ice.

You should aim to be the best you can be. Basically, aim to be the best out there.

Look at the professionals. And many of you might claim "but there professionals, hes not a professional"... okay so then look at those same pros and research what they use to do before they became a professional. In any sport.

- Jaromir Jagr worked on a farm while playing for a junior team. He decided if he wanted to be a professional he had to work harder. He started working out by 15 and was doing 1000 squats a day. As far as a I know, he was doing that up until he was in the NHL and probably even more so. He entered the NHL and now look at his routine. He works out every day

- Sidney Crosby hired a professional trainer at 13 years old. Since then, he has never missed a training session.

- Chara use to work with his dad while going to school and while playing for a hometown team. In between all of that. He was being trained by his father. Doing hundreds of pull ups a day. Weight lifting and wrestling. Now during his off-seasons he does long European tours with hiking and mountain biking.

Be on the ice as often as possible.
Work out like a monster

But the harder you work. the more you should focus on hydration, nutrition and recovery. Look into yoga, medittation, massages.
Look into different foods for more energy and better recovery. Drink more water and have more fruit and veggies.
Saunas. Maybe something none of has has thought about.

Attack your body. Recover,

It is better to feel strong and tired, then weak and relaxed
Superfluous in my mind. The kid didn't say he needed spiritual work... just physical. If he's working out hard and already has a good mind-set, I don't see why he needs to do yoga or meditate. Massages maybe, but that's a little serious for a kid in his position, no?

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