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09-15-2013, 04:15 PM
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It isn't just trying, it's about knowing what to try.

First, get your skates sharpened with a shallower hollow. Like 3/4". It will make it easier as your skates won't bite the ice as much.

Then standing still just practice pushing one foot to the side scraping a thin layer of snow with blade. Balance all weight on the other foot, then scrape.

When doing this, try keep your blades a bit vertical. Don't try to angle the blade edge into the ice too much or they will just bite into the ice.

Then after you figure out how to weight shift, balance, scrape then work on skating forward but at slow speed. Shift all weight/balance to one foot, then put the other foot in front in a "T" shape. Start with no weight then slowly shift more to the front foot and use it like a snow plow to slow down.

Practice that over and over. Then with more and more speed.

Once you can stop like that, developing balance and coordination then a full hockey stop will be easier to learn.

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