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09-15-2013, 04:46 PM
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So 5 weeks to the day I ordered my skates showed up at my LHS. I ordered Nexus 1000s. The options I went with are the following: Increased stiffness to 3 (factory is a 2, max is a 4), LS3 runners (Bauers answer to Step Steel), Black Clarino Liner, APX2 tongue and the skate sizes are Left: 10EEEEB and Right: 10EEA. This size difference is why i'm required to go custom otherwise I would never spend what i spent on these.

I went and got them baked Friday and went to a public session Sat to just skate in them and played a pickup game today.

The skates felt great, just going to take a while to get used to. I can tell that the toe-box is not as wide on the Nexus as they were on the Flexlites I used to have but once these break in they should be great. As mentioned I went with the black clarino liner as that was what I had gotten previously and it definitely helps keep your foot from slipping etc. Much better grip than the factory liner. Also went with the APX2 tongue. Now it's weird, I chose the black felt and I guess that does not come in the 3 piece like white as its a 2 piece tongue. That's fine with me because I used the older supreme tongues in my last skates and these feel just like that only with APX2 on it.

The LS3 steel takes some time to get used to. The open skate I did not feel comfortable at all with them. Almost like too much of my blade was contacting the ice. I may get them profiled if after skating a few times if i cant get used to them. I will say though, I definitely felt a lot more stable in turns etc with the added height and just felt overall faster in this steel with a lot less effort! Skating today was a lot better and I can tell I'm getting used to them more. A taller/different steel with brand new skates makes it a bit awkward for now.

The only complaint I have so far is that unlike the retail Nexus, the drainage holes on the bottom of my skate were just drilled and not clean. It doesn't really bother me but to me, with the amount of money I spent, you'd think they have made it look nice like they do on the retail skates.

Overall I know i'm going to like these skates and are obviously worth it as its the only way I can skate. Now to continue with the break-in process as these things are very stiff!

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