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09-15-2013, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
And this probably isn't amongst the 20 worst calls of the season to go against us. I was *THIS* close to getting up and walking right out of the stadium after that Cary Koch punt return fumble against the Stampeders that was blatantly a no yards penalty. CFL officiating has always been this bad, but usually it at least evens out. We've been screwed over and over this year though.
I was amazed they even called back the bomber return that was the benefit of flagrant holding on the return and with the flag on the field early in the return. Before any of the return happened.

Yet there were the officials conferring close to us trying to figure out a way to make the flag go away and call it a TD. It was a lol instant with the exception I was enraged they were intently discussing it.

I was actually yelling "you threw the flag, you threw the flag" as if they would detect that influenced the play substantially.

****, they threw the flag on the play early, everybody saw it, its a null and void play, were they really deliberating on whether to overturn the call and make it a TD?

Speaking of which anybody can find half a dozen TD's opponents have scored against us this year where the flagrant holds leading to long runs are not even detected.

what a joke.

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