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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Even so... I think that mindset of "we are contenders" is a pretty strong collective mental driver for players on a team that is a legit threat to go far in the playoffs. I think it can legitimately raise the compete and resilience levels of average/below average players as they see the team around them is collectively solid and expectations are higher than "make the playoffs and we are golden".

The Oilers are still stuck mentally somewhere in the mindset of "we could/should" make the playoffs.

I think it would be quite an eye-opening difference for MPS to go to a team where they are expected to go far and thoughts of making/missing the playoffs isn't even on the agenda... they are focussed far beyond that level.
Our goal is to win the cup. That's the entire reason we went into rebuild mode. What MPS fails to understand, or maybe it's a language barrier, is that "Making the playoffs" is the first milestone on the road to winning the cup. And if you are unable to pass the milestones (Or in his case, contribute to it), then those milestones become bigger and bigger. It's like that with any job or profession. Toronto is the premier team to use as an example of a team completely satisfied with just making the playoffs.

The Blues' actual goal right now is "Making it past the 2nd round", something that haven't been able to do since 2001. They can have all the cup aspirations they want, and it's a good thing they're talking about winning the cup. But so are we. And to get there you first have to make the mother***in playoffs.

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