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Originally Posted by SensFanDan View Post
1)Win, be at the top or get to the finals/win a Cup: The team sold a ton of seasons after the 2007 run and they lost a few when the team tanked. This is a town that loves a winner, give them one.
This off-season has seen the Sens approach 13K STHs, so its not all about winning, it about the excitement the product offers. The fans love these young kids that play all every shift, they are fun to watch even when they lose.

2)Incentives, fluff, that sort of stuff: Invitation to warm-ups, to Senators At Your Service, dibs on new jersey designs, parking spot discounts, etc. Whether it's the Senators or a club membership or a subscription of any kind, people love the perception that they are getting a "Deal". Just for example, I was on public transit the other day, ad for a newspaper. X Weeks for only $30! Y weeeks for $25 plus free access to the papers's Sunday web edition! It's probably still not worth it but at least it catches your eye.
I agree the Sen definitely could use more imaginative in their marketing. That said the problem is the low number of people that commit to be STHs, not that the building is empty, quite the opposite actually. Surely people can't expect even more concessions when the biggest concession is the Sens have the lowest ticket prices in Canada and STHs get a discount off the per game price already along with VIP and parking benefits.

3)Do not, ever, let the ticket go cheaper than what you paid for it: This is a real dealbreaker for some people. If you paid, say, $80 a seat for your seasons and then you open the paper and seats beside you are on sale for $50 or $60, you're upset. Why pay more for the same seat?
Not sure what this has to do with the Sens, they already are trying to provide STHs with options for ticket resale, game ticket exchange, etc.

5)Kill the negative branding, prop up the team through radio and so on: This is espeically true for the Leafsl, but local radio spend too much time slagging the Leafs, Habs, whomever and not enough time on the team itself. It's like they're insecure or something. Open Team1200 the other day and I hear Zenon Konopka throwing some shots at Alfredsson and so on. A)Why am I hearing Zenon Konopka on the radio? He sounds like Don Brennan B)Why isn't that an Ottawa Senator talking about the upcoming season?
The Sens don't own the radio station or control the content of the sports program.

6)Create the illusion of scarcity: We all know they have 10,000-11,000 diehards. What we should hear is how there are only a handful of seasons available for the 2013-2014 season. If we don't get a package we can't be guaranteed seats to see X, Y, Z. Oh, and if you get a season package we'll give you Y to sweeten the pot.
So you are suggesting the Sens mislead potential clients? All people have to do is check the well known ticket resale sites on the web to know there are tickets available throughout the arena.

TLDR: Senators marketing are super lazy. They know it's a hockey market so they don't have to try, they consequently don't try and they hope each game is enough of an event to draw people.
I disagree with this entirely.

If the rest of this was close to true why is there a thread about increasing our dismal STH base.

The fact is the Ottawa market is divided into 3 camps, Leaf, Canadiens, then the Sens.

Again the real question is how do the Sens convince fans to switch alliances so they become potential STHs.

Not an easy task.

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