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09-16-2013, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I "basically" said? More "basically" comprehend? Don't put words in my mouth. I rated all three the same...none of them were good, and in my opinion a large part of that was Reway's failure to pass the puck. I've seen it before...many times. Saw him live about 30 times last season, and I have a pretty good idea on what he needs to work on.

The first poster suggested that the reason Reway was trying to do it all himself was because his linemates were invisible..well..when the center doesn't distribute the puck....your linemates are going to be invisible. Pretty simple logic really.

Reway scores one pretty scrimmage goal and he already has a legion of overhypers/defenders on here. Brings back memories of the Latendresse rookie years.
I agree with this post.

Reway has skills and is completely over-hyped here. I saw on many occasions that he was easily knocked off of the puck. Very Desharnais like.

I prefer the more physical type of play that Bournival and McCarron provided while being successful.

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