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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
How I see it:

Boston - still the best team in the division but they got weaker from last year.
Detroit - not to be underestimated. Best-coached team in the division.
Ottawa - also not to be underestimated. Probably the second best-coached team.
Montreal - will probably hang near DET & OTT but small team size will probably wear on us down the stretch. I expect a slip to 4th.
Toronto - no way their ridiculous shot % numbers hold up this season. May even slip below one or more of the remaining teams.
Buffalo - not good enough.
Tampa - see Buffalo.
Florida - nowhere near good enough.
Pretty accurate, IMO. Boston really is the wildcard this season, as their chemistry has changed considerably with the loss of Horton, Seguin and Ference. Erickson is a very good addition, but I think they've lost more than they've gained overall. It's make-or-break for them this season, as Iginla and Chara are diminishing returns, and they're losing more players next season to UFA and a cap-squeezed budget. They have a strong enough core to remain good after this season, but their elite days are done.

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