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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Wanted to comment on this:

It was the play of the game, play of the week, one of the plays of the season. A play that is legendary in nature and the type of thing that you see once in awhile that you remember a decade later with a grin. With several players making heads up in the moment brilliant decisions to make the magical play happen. For instance Willis decision to kick the ball down field is the kind of on field thinking we love about the CFL. Next, Howard managing to keep the ball in play before going out of bounds leading to the TD.

All that magic erased with one arbitrary made up call that Howard had interfered. Watching the play at the game it was clear the Bombers screwed up, pooched the snap back, and Howard was being held onto in his rush to get to the ball. To call joint interference on that play, bring the ball wayback on the play, and actually award Bombers 10yds differential on the play is beyond ridiculous. Really I would love to see these idiots try to be in a press conference and back up such a call.

Of course the players can't comment on that so I will.

**** CFL, I pay to watch the players make great plays on the field several of which happened on this play. Not to watch some group of **** ups defer on the play and come up with another idiotic resolution to the play that actually transpired on the field.

Trained monkeys with slide rulers out there.
Not sure I would start calling that play as lofty a heights as you. Game nearly over, and a bunch of guys having some fun doing a chinese fire drill with a ball, kicking it and throwing it around. I've seen far better with some teams on desperation pitchouts on the last play of a clse game. No big deal.

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