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01-14-2004, 01:58 PM
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OK I will save you

If you take a economics class you know that people that work away from home get payed a lot more then other people. For example people that work on oil rigs get paid a lot more. So explain how people like Lindstrom want to raise his family in Sweden, but plays here in NA

Talk about skill level, say millions of people play hiockey around the world, these people are the best 1000 in the world. Surgeons are payed a lot because they are very skilled, and not many compare to the skill level of let's say Theodore

Talk about how dangerous it is. Miners get paid a lot of money cause they put there life at risk everytime they work. For hockey players, use Audette as an example, say something like "Have you ever heard of a office man severing his nerves and tendons in his arm at his desk" if you can bring in video, try and get those boards things cherry shoes so much on coaches corner.

Those are the big 3 things that should get you through this pretty well. Remember that you have to beleive it when you sell it, and realize not that you beleive that players deserve 25 mill a year contracts, but are entitled to 2-3, thats how i did it, i think they should be paid fairly well for what they do, but no outragous amount of money.

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