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09-16-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Couture's deal was signed when the cap was $64.3m, but didn't apply until a season where it was $70.2m. Right about Duchene. But here is something else to consider in those comparables.

Couture was involved in 23% of the offense scored by the Sharks the year before he signed his extension.
Duchene was involved in 14% the year before he signed his extension. 23% over 3 years. Peak season of 30%
Stepan was involved in 35% last year. 24% over 3 years.

Since we're talking about value to a team, in terms of percentage of cap, we also need to be talking about contribution to the team. Stepan definitely has a case to get the same dollar number as Duchene, and a slightly higher percentage of the cap, since he provides slightly more of a contribution to the offense compared to Duchene at the time.
I get your point, but I'm not sure I agree. Should Nash be paid more than Malkin based on last season? The market is based on precieved player value, which is largely (incorrectly IMO) based on points. But that is how it is.

Stepan would have extra weight if the Rangers lacked depth at C, like last year. But with Richards, Brassard, Lindberg, Boyle, and Moore down the middle his leverage is less than if he was an RFA for say Calgary.

Chicago had to pay Crawford $6M since they felt they had no other option. We can OTOH handle im missing a few games.

Subban and Couture took $2.875M, dont get greedy Derek.

But in the end, it is pretty childish clinging to Couture's contract and saying "The Sharks got Logan for $2.875M, so we should get you for the same! Waaaah!". Even though it may be a good comparable, $3M and change is still a steal for a player of Stepan's calibre.

So even thouh I do agree a lot more with the figures the Ranger brass is talking about than with Stepan's suggested numbers, all I want is just to get him signed at this point...

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