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09-16-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagistitsyn View Post
I didn't say he was. I said he's proven he can be. I see this is a pointless conversation though because everyone's already decided it's time to move Diaz outta town

Whatever, he was playing good for awhile and a lot of people either didn't watch the games / forget/ or just need him to hit everything or fly the **** outta town.

Suicide passes happen, it was ONE pass, ONE costly mistake. If Gryba was 2 feet to the side everyone would be saying how nice of a pass it was. Yeah he got concussed, how is that his fault? He got kneed in the head.
I really don't mind him, but he can't move anything infront if the net, in the playoffs he was exposed.

I also don't like how he'll be used, it seems like with Markov, Markov needs a physical stay at home dmen with him, not Daiz.

I wouldn't have minded if Daiz was paired with Murray, think that would be a decent pair, one does what the other isn't good at, but MT wants a Murray Bouillon pairing..

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