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09-16-2013, 11:47 AM
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Update: I just washed these: in the washing machine. It's a top loaded one with an agitator. Gloves float, so I basically had to stand there and hold them under water with the top open until the end of the cycle. I washed them on HOT/COLD (used dishwashing gloves as the water was hot), so when I took them out there were a bit flimsly (I'm assuming from the heat), but after I let them air dry everything was fine. They're almost like new! Palms were soft, and no stinky stinky! Used them 2 games over the weekend (lost 10-3, 10-2, go go unbalanced Bronze league), and I did notice a bit of leather fraying a bit on my top hand. I think it may have been there previous to the wash, but there was so much residue there, that I never noticed it.

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