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01-14-2004, 02:09 PM
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I don't know, FP, but if I ruled the world, anybody using emoticons rather than a written language would be taken out back and beaten with pointed sticks. Well, maybe stabbed with pointed sticks, or beaten with unpointed sticks. Does anybody think a pointed stick would be a better beating tool than a regular unpointed stick? I does have less mass, meaning one could get more speed when swinging, although the momentum would be compromised somewhat by the lower mass. I'm confused.

As for the Flyers being a favorite of Colin Campbell, let it be known that I question that notion. I wish I could find the text, but I recall that Clarke and Campbell have an on-ice history together that doesn't lead one to believe they're the best of friends.

"Favored Flyers" - that's a good one. While I don't subscribe to the notion that they're hated by NHL officials, I certainly don't see how they're favored. I think they're a team that really suffers from the lack of obstruction calls, particularly interference on forechecking forwards by the defenseman not chasing the puck on dump-ins. I really wish the NHL would start calling interference, but I also put a lot of hope into getting a pony and fire engine for Christmas, so I'm not counting on it.

Inquirer article:

At least it's positive to read that the organization is not imploding off the ice.

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