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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
You are confusing defense and effective defense.

The Habs under Martin were not aggressive at all on defense. We were a passive team that did nothing but sag back to the net.

That defense was successful a couple of decades ago but now teams are able to easily defeat that style of defense.

Martin being a defensive hockey wizard was a myth that became a meme.
confusing defense and effective defense? defense is defense dude: are you limiting chances against, are you minimizing and boxing out shots, cutting passing lanes et cetera. if you don't do any of them then you're not playing defense at all; you're just running around like phaneuf in his own end.

say what you want about martin but look at the team's record - seasons and playoffs - then looks at the roster he had to play with + injuries. argue he was boring, yeah, but the results were there

and we never under martin "sagged back to the net", or at least nowhere near as much as were doing it now. martin would always have two forwards pressuring the blueline for quick counter-attacks. therrien has everyone and their pets collapsing back to the net - which i find completely ******** but what do you know...

besides, what they hell is defensive hockey if that isn't it?

under martin: passive? yes. not aggressive on the forecheck? yes. sitting on leads just 'cause? yes () but what in the chinese hell (it's a place where you eat mooncakes all year long i heard) is an aggressive defense? like, grimacing a lot? fighting? chasing guys out of position to hit them? blueline pressure? inquiring minds wants to know

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