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09-16-2013, 02:01 PM
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Wow guys. Way to get trolled by a leafs fan.

Some of the stupidest comments I've read on this board in a long time.

Luongo has one of the best contracts in the league and is an elite goalie? That's why they couldn't trade him in TWO YEARS, and he said he looked at having his contract voided?

They didn't just stop new teams from being able to structure contracts like this, they penalized the existing ones with a cap recapture penalty if the player retires before the end. So enjoy paying him over 5 mill at 43... yep...great contract.

Originally Posted by Kesler2Burrows View Post
I'm not arguing Luong having more value because he doesn't. But in terms of playing ability Price is a downgrade on Luongo.
This is just great, and shows how stupid this thread is. So you guys are comparing the goalies, and saying who's better (even though luongo was a backup last year), but you don't want to argue about luongo having more value... in a trade forum... in a trade proposal, where the only relevant information is value???

Trades are made on value. Mid 30s, top tier players do not have the same value as top tier 20somethings.

Case closed.

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