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11-20-2006, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by IcE ColD View Post
I remember that I was all for trading Ryder last. This year, not. He has improve his all-around game and, sincerely, 30 goal scorers that come that cheap, you better think twice before dealing 'em.

Yes, he is streaky, but IMO, he's a keeper. At least this year.
I'm also a bit surprised that many of our more die-hard posters seem don't seem to be making the same reversal that you are. A lot of people do seem to be making arguments based on the Ryder of last season. That did indeed seem to be quite a sluggish, one-dimensional Ryder, an easier argument as an expendable one, but I would have thought his play this season and knowing about his back troubles last year would mitigate that.

When I see the new leaner, faster Ryder in action, and I see Carbonneau trying him out on the PK, see him skating on the forecheck, and see him throwing checks (few people seem to make note of that, but he's probably in the top four or five on our team in terms of physical play this year)... well, I don't see a player that's very much at all like last season's version. Still streaky on scoring, but one tidy little goals streak will have his offensive numbers back on track. And even arguably, with his newfound dimensionality but no progression on his offensive numbers (i.e. if he finishes the year with 25g/50pts-ish) he probably won't have much of a leg to stand on for asking for even more money either... but we'll have a better player at roughly the same price. A young, more fit, more moulded to Carbo's style player too.

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