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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
And I'm using the word SWAG in the original sense of the word - not that horrible HS cringe-boy meaning.

I'm captain of a new team. We're called the Predators and the logo is the predator from the movie. I've never seen the movie in its entirety, although I have an idea of what it is since I've seen bits and pieces.

I want to do some sort of 'player of the game' recognition item. Teams I've played on have used various things - a huge sombrero, a squeaky ferret dog toy, a hard hat.

I'm at a loss as to what to do for this particular team/mascot. Any ideas? It doesn't necessarily have to be predator themed, but I don't want something that doesn't go at all like a clown hat or similar.

Is this like the Rangers with their post-game hat, where the locker room decides on a player of the game and they get to wear a little black hat while they sit in the locker room and change? Then the next game it goes to someone new?

Or is it more like a gift that the player who gets it gets to keep?

If they're keeping it, maybe something like this

Or a DVD copy of "Predator", which you could probably find for like 3.99 in most bargain bins. Make a custom t-shirt that says "GET TO THE CHOPPA!" or something. If you want to be more practical but don't care about the theme as much, maybe some extravagant stick tape, like hot pink or neon green.

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