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11-20-2006, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
I was just stating the fact that even a less productive Higgins( right now perezhogin) is more usefull than someone converting his game into something that it wasnt meant to be. There was a lot of that in the Corson era if you remember. You seem to be a big advocate of changing Ryder into a carbo style player, for some reasons I dont believe too much into these player transformation, it just end up undermining the value of your assets at the end.
? Changing Ryder by making him more responsible defensively shouldn't be considered a negative, IMHO. It's not like they're going to turn him into a Selke candidate. They're just going to take advantage of his newfound speed and physicality to upgrade him from "liability" to "adequate" at the defensive side... all without impacting his offense at all, in theory.
For sure, we have a good start, but we wont be a playoff stanley cup winning team without a real first line center. Thats a fai accompli. Staal-Brin D'amour, Lecavalier - Richards, last 2 stanley cup champions. Koivu-"Still searching for 2nd" is our current status.
Koivu-Higgins, Koivu-Kovalev, the jury may still be out. And as mentioned somewhere else, there may be deadline rentals eventually (Koivu-Forsberg? Koivu-Gomez?) who won't necessitate any grand restructuring of our current team such as the trading of our leading goalscorer from last year.
I bet the Sharks are in complete reconstruction too, I think we are in that position to make a move that will give us what we want without crippling the team.
The Sharks, in contrast to us, actually had the cap room to add a $7M player without flinching... and in fact, they *still* have enough cap room to eat up Malakhov's contract and sit laughing. Kudos to them. Alas for us, if you bring in a $7M player, you're going to shake up our roster severely, and that includes decimating our defense during next summer's UFA period.

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