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09-17-2013, 01:36 AM
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Originally Posted by intangible View Post
Mouth guards aren't just good for protecting your teeth, but also to reduce the incidence or magnitude of concussions.
All medical research and journals say that there is no evidence of it reducing the incidence or magnitude of concussions. I used to think the same thing until a family member who is in the medical field heard me say it and didn't believe me. We then looked it up on various reputable websites and books and she was correct.

Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
A mouthguard will lessen the impact of your teeth coming together on a bad fall, though, protecting your jaw.
Protecting your jaw isn't protecting you from a concussion though.

Originally Posted by boo10 View Post
Not completely true. A mouth guard will absorb some of the kinetic energy from a direct (Straight on) impact to the lower jaw, lessening the concussion causing brain-rattle. Having said that, most concussions are from side / rear impacts to the head, which a mouthguard will not help prevent. The spirit of your post is correct, but technically incorrect.
There is no medical evidence of this unfortunately. You could follow the 'better safe than sorry' mantra with it though.

I've never liked mouth guards and don't use them as an adult. I do wear a full cage now though after I had a tooth knocked out and it cost thousands to have an implant put in.

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