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09-17-2013, 01:42 AM
PK Cronin
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An Isles fan just browsing the thread, but the Pronger situation reminds me of the Islanders and Tim Thomas last year.

The Isles were able to acquire Thomas from the Bruins, even though he wasn't playing, in order to get his cap hit to keep the team over the floor. It gave them more flexibility with the roster. The team didn't end up having to pay Thomas anything because he didn't play and they didn't toll his contract, so it ended up being a free cap hit (and cap reduction for the Bruins) with no money actually being paid out. An important note though is that Thomas wasn't injured, he just wasn't playing.

So for those of you saying teams might be looking to grab 5 million in cap space for only 1 million in money actually paid are correct, if a team is that close to the floor and needs some flexibility. Teams could be interested in it because of the 5 million. Getting a player for 1 million may not give them the flexibility they would like or require.

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