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09-17-2013, 04:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
Wow, it's actually completely opposite dude. One being a lefty will allow the RD (Del Zotto) to take one-timers while the LD (Staal) will have is stick on the boards and be able to make safe passing plays etc.

DEFENSIVELY, playing your natural side is a HUGE help as it's easier to keep forwards to the outside with your stick and playing pucks against the boards is a ton easier as well. Playing your off-side (like Del Zotto will be doing) only makes it harder to play defense.
Here is the issue: With Del Z on the right side, he is the main shooter. However, he isn't a natural shooter. Staal has a heavier shot. so you would want him as the triggerman on his off position. If your trying to set up one timers you want your players on their off wings. To maximize shooting from your points, you want a righty on your left and lefty on the right. You can give and go from the points WAY easier for one timers because you have two shooters ready to go. Defenders can't stack one point when there are two options

Rangers obviously can't do that, which is why I said it was shame. But, its even more problematic with Del Z on the right side because he is a natural playmaker that should be setting up Staal for a shot. But. if they want to shoot one timers they have to shift the points. That gives defenders plenty of time to adjust. This is relevant if the Staal/Del Z pairing is trying to maximize offense from the blueline. It makes a difference.

It doesn't make that much of a difference defensively that both guys are lefties because they are set up better for defensive coverage. A lefty playing the left side is maximizing his defense.

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