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09-17-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Black1963 View Post
Just because Klesla's head whips back doesn't mean it was a dirty hit. A player's head can whip back from a clean hit, which Nolan's was.

If anything, Klesla might want to get his peripheral vision tested.
i undersrand the Shanahan explanation. I think there's just a difference between first and principal point of contact. I think the league is tryign to get rid of the principal. in this scenario, i think the head was the first point of contact, while the chest was principal. I still wouldn't have objected had Nolan got a suspension because, like i said, the head whipped violently and it sure looked bad. that and i dont think any hockey player should have to fight the effects of a concussion, so i hope Klesla gets better soon.

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