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09-17-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
honestly, I think they ****ed up the entire series the past 2("1") season. Still good, but considering the pace of the show the first 5 seasons, too much is getting jammed into the final season. Its just not the methodical, well thought out show I grew accustomed to. Granted, that may be the point as walt slipped out of his controlled demeanor, maybe the point was the show would follow.
The 1st 8 were a build up to Hank knowing and Walt's empire. Probably could have less of that and Hank knowing sooner. They could have easily done another season but why string it out. Part of that is Gilligan doesn't script everything out. He admitted with the flash forward at the beginning of 5, they didn't know how they would get there.

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