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09-17-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
No, the Stults team would be winning in a vaccum by a marginal amount of wins, because that's what the stat says. The guys behind Cashner have played better than the guys behind Stults.
So what I am gathering is that when the defenders play behind Cashner, they have exceptionally more range, significantly stronger arms, much better gloves, turn double plays way better. I mean, they must if Stults is getting hit 40 points higher and the walk rates are similar.

There is always something missing with WAR when I try to understand it. I need to see the algorithm. I'm grasping at straws here, but I get that sense that when it comes to WAR, a pitcher could retire the first two batters, then an error occurs on batter number 3, followed by the pitcher giving up back to back homers. According to WAR, the back to back homers mean very little, if anything at all since there was an error that would have finished the inning. Am I starting to understand how the stat works? Because that is what it looks like. How does WAR reconcile all of the bad pitching, the countless hits given up?

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