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Originally Posted by BleedOil83 View Post
Running my annual NHL Playoff Pool, which some members here have participated in. Most of you know I run a few pools around year on a yearly basis and am at least 94.7% likely to not steal your money.

$30, pick 22 skaters and 4 goalies and your roster is set for the playoffs. Very easy to use website that includes a loose salary cap of $105MM. We had 30 entries last year, PM me for more details or login info!
My two yearly leagues are currently up and running.

HF Oilers #2 is open to everyone. 20 team max, points league, free to play. Sign up link here:

HF Oiler Rumble - a competitive keeper league in its 7th year, currently seeking 2-3 committed managers who will stick with this. We're also toying with the idea of a pay league this year. PM me if interested with your assurance you're a committed manager.

Members: there's been some talk about rule changes and buy-in on the league message board. Check it out or discuss here as we do need at least a majority for some minor tweaks and a unanimous decision to make it a pay league.

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