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09-17-2013, 02:12 PM
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Name: Mike Smith
Location: Calgary, AB
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Age: 20
When/How did you start following the Flames?
Born, then the next day was a fan. Can't remember ever cheering for another team. Learned to skate before I learned to walk, no joke, so hockey, and the Flames have been my life, for my whole life.
Favourite Flame?
It was Theo, then Gelinas, and now currently I think I am going to pick up either a Brodie or Sven jersey.
Favourite Flame Prospect?
Not sure if he will be a "prospect" by the end of camp, but I like Monahan at the moment. Also both our other firsts from this year. And Seiloff, and WSPOON. **** it, all of em haha.

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