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09-17-2013, 03:05 PM
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Chi Town, I did one better from that site and grabbed an original copy of his book (long out of print). Very interesting.

I will say the stick was too short for me coming up to about my chin in bare feet. But at the time my stick was up to my nose and I've slowly moved down to just below my bottom lip.

The biggest thing for me is the lie of the blade. With a Forsberg, the lie is 5 and the blade is flat, so I need a longer stick, otherwise when I'm shooing the heel is off the ice. But that's not comfortable for me. So I use a higher lie blade and try to find something with a rockered toe that is 5.5-6 lie and even higher near the toe, like the P14 or P92.

Also, if you Google, there's a bunch of great videos of Howie Meeker's CBC instructional online. Some great stuff even if outdated.

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