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09-17-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Parker MacDonald View Post
DirecTV is, but only because of the weather.

When I had DirecTV, I loved it, but snow is the absolute worst. No matter what anyone from DirecTV says, bad weather is a problem for your reception.

I'll take Cablevision (now technically "Optimum") over DirecTV any day of the week.
I guess it depends where you are. I've had DirecTV the past two years or so and the only outages I had were Irene and this year for a little while when we had really bad storms and that only lasted for maybe an hour.

I've had all 3 services and quite honestly DirecTV and FIOS are both awesome. DirecTV has a better Center Ice HD setup but with Fios you can get all 3 services. But you can bundle DirectTV with Fios Internet I believe. You need to check on their site.

They are both way better options than crappy Cablevision.

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