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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
How is it?
It's great so far. However, being a sim racer I'm struggling with the driving mechanics. High end cars and bikes are soooo grippy and stick to the road like glue, which makes driving them very unpredictably predictable (and by that I mean I never know how much grip I'm going to have, because I'm always expecting the car to not have as much grip as it does, does that make sense?). Trucks, vans and the like understeer quite a lot at speed though, which is to be expected, so they're alright.

Besides the grippiness of the cars, they react to bumps pretty realistically. However the damage is lacking in comparison to GTA4. I've yet to see cars deform as much as they did in 4. This may have just been in a mission, although I doubt that, but when cars get seriously damaged they actually start to slow down and be less driveable, and start spitting smoke out of the exhaust until you repair them.

Sounds are great across the board. Cars sound a lot better, guns sound great, ambient city noises sound great. I would honestly give sound a 10/10 at this point, but I've only played 2 hours like I said, so I'm not going to give any ratings on anything.

There is so much I feel like I can do that I haven't done yet. I'm trying to play the game like I would if I was really the characters though. I drive at decent speeds (unless I'm on lunch break from work, in which case I drive full speed everywhere lol), I switch clothes everyday, I don't go anywhere that my character wouldn't go (for instance I wouldn't travel to Blaine County as Franklin at this point, because there's just no need for him to go there).

I've only had one major gripe with the game so far. There is a stranger side-mission that you can do where you get in a tow-truck and tow this old car. It tells you everything to do, up until the point that you back the truck up to the car. Then it doesn't tell you AT ALL how to grab the car with the hook. I sat there for 5-7 minutes just flabbergasted until I started pressing every button, and finally it was clicking the left stick that did it.

I also accidentally car-jacked a taxi driver because I was trying to hail a taxi the old way. Oops! Turns out it's not holding Y (for xbox) anymore, its holding one of the d-pad directions.

Graphics are a big improvement as well. Aliasing is a huge problem for me however; I can't wait till this game comes out on PC and next-gen consoles so it will look even better.

All in all I'd say if you are coming from GTA4, there is a bit of a learning curve as the driving mechanics have changed vastly, and controls have changed quite a bit too. Other than that, the game is fantastic.

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