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09-17-2013, 04:57 PM
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By a beginner, for beginners.

Hey all!

So it has been awhile since I've posted last but if you remember, I am the kid who asked about equipment, being a first time player in my junior year of HS? Anyways, I started skating last year after dropping about 250 dollars on equipment, and am now practicing with my high school team.

Before I do my little tips thing, just let me say thank you to the community here for believing in me and not caring about my age to get started. With hard work, you can really accomplish anything.

So I thought it would be cool for fellow beginners to post some tips that they quickly picked up while learning. Here are mine!

1. Become friends with the staff at your local rink. I am fortunate enough to live 2 minutes away from my rink, and I would come down after school for an hour when nobody is there, and just pop my head in before I paid. Now, they let me skate for free.

2. Buy everything used except a helmet and skates. The helmet is extremely important! Your head is precious cargo and should not be protected by a cheap piece of plastic. As for skates, start with a lower model, I skate with Bauer Vapor x2.0's, and they do the job.

3. Don't be afraid to ask your coach or friends to help you learn. Have no shame in being a beginner. I earned a spot on the team because of my work ethic, not because of my skill. The coaches admire me for being the hardest worker on the ice. Grind it out beginners!

4. Lastly, enjoy it. You are now a hockey player. The minute your skate caresses that ice, know that you are doing something that only a select few have the chance to do.

When I am on the ice, its the most fun time in my life. I love playing hockey and am looking forward to doing so in college just for fun. Thanks guys!

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